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Substance: Methyl-1-Testosterone
Pack: 50 pills x 10 mg

Drug name: Methyltestosterone
Drug class: Anabolic / androgenic steroids
Common brand names: Afro, Methyltestosterone


Methyltestosterone is a 17 alpha alkylated oral steroid that is a form of testosterone. This was one of the first oral steroids to be produced, first appearing in the 1930s, and is still in use today to treat some medical conditions. However for the most part there have been countless advancements that have made the use of methyltestosterone are reserved for rather specific circumstances.

In terms of uses for strength athletes and bodybuilders, methyltestosterone has several characteristics that can be beneficial. It is both moderately anabolic and androgenic. However this is somewhat tempered because the compound is also severely estrogenic due to it being very receptive to the aromatase enzyme .

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