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Rick Connor

Owner & coach

Jeff Johnson

Personal Trainer

Steven Carter

Fitness Coach

Joe Miller

Pilates Coach


Fitness is an art. Fitness is a lifestyle. It’s an outlet for some and a therapy to others. It’s a reflection of our values. At IFBBSteroids, our goal is to have others embrace the health and wellness of fitness just as we have. We want to share our core beliefs with our patrons. We want to help others get results. We are your average working class gym-goers. Our creative team was once of small influence, but now we are finding ways to help others as well as discovering those to help us continue creating a difference in not only the fitness industry, but the world.

Our Online shop offers high quality steroids from top grade labs, most pure and respectable ingredients. Therefore, you see exactly what is in your product. There is a high standard of quality and we’re ensuring the best result, we capture matches the results that you desire based on your goals and values.


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